Saudades MR NO EARS


The story of an extraordinary cat

"Sr Sem Orelhas / Mr No Ears", the semi-feral a pure white cat, was known and loved by so many.  Nicknamed the Lion King of Albufeira, Mr No Ears was no ordinary cat. He ruled his Portuguese kingdom with only one eye and no ears, and he charmed his way into the hearts of local residents and friends in over 50 countries, who followed his daily antics and adventures online. Mr No Ears was loved by all.

Loved by all? Really?

His life was a roller coaster and cat lovers around the world are mourning the tragedy towards the end of his life. This is the heartwarming story of his life on the streets, written in the book "Saudades MR NO EARS" (Miss you Mr. No Ears) in Portuguese and English by author Carol Lee. All profits will go towards the sterilization and medication of the street cats of the Algarve.

They say you can not judge a book by its cover, but in this case I´m sure we can..... The front and back covers are brilliant, the fact finding steps have all been very puzzling and I cannot wait to read the book from front to back and find out all about such a charismatic cat... Forever loved Mr No Ears.... miss you.

Image credit & copy right: Peneco Colony



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