Miss Olive's story ...

Miss Olive is in desperate need of a home.

Miss Olives human was an elderly gentleman who had to go into a facility. The family took in Miss Olive but there other cats tormented Miss Olive to the point that now when a cat approaches she layers on her side like she is dead. Miss Olive was then kept in a bathroom for 3 months until she found her way to us. Miss olives loves to char her ball but she has to be the only cat playing. She likes to be pet but here she is terrified of all the other cats. She I amassing a number of teeth but is in good health. Our vet has her age at 5-6 years. She need to go to a home that is quiet and has no other cats. Miss Olive needs a Homan that will be patient with her and who will sit and pet her and help her trust. I want Miss Olive to go to a very loving forever home. I want this one to be her last transition. If you can offer Miss Olive a place with love and solitude please contact us. Please share with anyone that you know that might be interested in taking in Miss Olive.

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Meow House Cat Rescue


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