The Purring Quest - Help this Game get on Steam

The Purring Quest is a stealthy platform game where you will meet Kimchi the cat on a journey to find his ill human.

Experience all the emotions as a cat: jump, hide, attack, climb, keep clean, ... 

A message from our friend Jose, CEO in Valhalla Cats.


I just wanted to share with you that we're working on a video game, and cats have the leading role! (some famous cat from internet included).
In Valhalla Cats we love animals. From the first day of our project we decided that a percentage of the money collected will be donated to animal welfare organisations.
Check out the early stage preview video below, and make sure to vote for the game on Steam Greenlight (this will help to ensure that the game is finished and distributed). We need more cat video games!. I hope you like it!.

Vote on Steam Greenlight

Also we are holding a competition so the 5 cats with the highest number of votes can appear in the video game. I added the link in case you knew somebody you may be interested in.

Cat Competition

(We don't get paid to share this, we did this because we believe in the author.)


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