Sweet Sara - My Story

So this is my story: 

A nice lady brought me and my sister to a low-cost spay clinic on July 31, 2013. This vet clinic is sponsored by Cat Network of Stanislaus every week. The veterinarian said I was too small ( I weighed in at 1 lbs 9 oz) and that I was dehydrated too. The nice lady had to go to work so my now mommy, Monica said: "I will take her home and bring her to you after work". Over the day I got sicker by the hour. I would not eat or drink and my poop smelled very bad. I had diarrhea bad. So I was kept another day at this temporary house and they said that maybe if they brought my sister to me, I would perk up. That night my sister had to go to the emergency straight after her spay because she would not wake up form surgery fast enough. She was put on IV fluids and by morning was feeling well again. But not me. I was now very sick and had not eaten or drunk anything and I was force fed. I hated that. So off to the vet we went and tests were taken and blood drawn and poop analysis and you name it. They pumped me up with fluids and it was concluded that I had had an eye infection which made me lose one eye. They other eye was hidden behind scar tissue but I was declared blind for now. Doctor said she would not give me a feeding tube. If I did not start eating on my own, that would be it. So Monica fed me thru a syringe every hour till she fell asleep. I was put in a crate next to her bed. I had 4 different food plates next to me with a variety of delicatessen. Monica's plan was to wake up every hour to keep force feeding me. But she was exhausted from worry, tears and hard work finding something that would please my palate. She slept all that night. I wish I had been right there because that was my favorite thing, to be in her lap. The last thing she told me before sleep was: "Baby, I have done everything I can think of to make you well, it is now up to you". She slept. I listened to the crickets. It was 100 degrees out there. She slept and I slept. The sprinklers came on. The paper came with a thud in the driveway. At 6 am or so she woke up and I sat straight up. I had eaten a little tuna. We both new I was gonna live. She was happy. Life is good. 
~ Sara

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