In The Spotlight: SPOOKY

Photo credit: Trooper the Handicapped Kitten 

Our beloved Spooky was our favorite little puppycat. She would follow us everywhere. When we went on long walks around the property she would come along without a leash and often lead the way. She was my helper kitty helping me do the laundry, our guard cat always patrolling the hallways at night. She came to us one spring day starving and emaciated at the brink of death. We took her in, fed and cared for her and she devoted her life to us for 6 years. She went in for teeth removal surgery last Thursday 8/14 and did not survive the surgery. We never expected to lose our most precious girl and are heartbroken. Every day without her now is a painful memory we must bear. She will be in our hearts forever but we still cry for her daily. We love you Spooky girl.


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