Melt Your Heart By Reading Touching Personal Cat Stories

Today featuring "Tiger" from Greece!!



Hello! My name is Tiger and I am from Greece! I was found almost a year ago, crying with my brother and sister outside a bin.We were only five days old and the neighbors said that we had been there crying since the previous night. My mum got me, my bro and sis and brought us to grammy because mom had to go to work. Grammy and dad had to take me to the vet and go and buy us cat milk. We were fed every 3 hours and taken good care of but suddenly a day after my bro and sis died. My mom was devastated but the vet said that these things happen because we were very small! I was probably the strongest one, I don't know but I had all the love and care from mom and dad! They even took me on holidays with them and it was there that i first opened my eyes! I was living in a box with warm socks and my hot bottle in my wool sock until I grew up and I wanted to explore the world beside the box! And I did! Mom and dad tried to make the house "kitten friendly", bought me litter, a big scratch post, lots of toys and mouses and i started growing up. I was not allowed to go out in the veranda because i was too small and it was cold then. When I did, I loved it! You can see how much i love it from the photo! I love being outside! Mom and dad are afraid that I am going to go away but last week that I went to the neighbors' gardens, i came back. I had a bit of an accident on the way back (I fell down from our gigantic umbrella because it is old and torn) and now i am a bit scared! I said scared, and i remembered.

Did I tell you that I am afraid of the "white-robe-woman"? I refuse to go into the soft box they close me into because every time that they put me there, i meet the "white-robe-woman"! And she always gives me injections. Once for no reason at all, one time that i had fever and that time that i was stung above the eye by that funny flying thing mom called "wasp"! But every time we go home, I am treated like a king! Although that I am not the "purry-stroaky" cat (I am a man!), I always enjoy it when mom and dad come home and pick me up and give me kisses! For a minute or two, after that I get pissed off and I want to let me go! I love it when my mom spoils me and gives me bits of whatever she eats (sometimes they are yummy, some others are yac!) and especially roasted chicken and fish! 

 That is my story, I hope you like it! Greetings from hot Greece!


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