Exciting news ..........

Hi Pals,

Exciting news ..........

I'm collecting stories of how a stray / alley cat or ferral reached out to you and touched your life in the time of great need when you were really hurt.  It could have  been with a comforting purr or elusive pokes, perhaps a soothing observation, maybe even a great friendship and homing of a poor and lovely creature, etc. - some act of kindness of an animal that really touched you and you'll always remember it.    

If you have a story and would like to share it, please email me at hello@greencatart.com. Just name the subject line "Animal Story" and an attached photo is really appreciated.

The plan is to publish the best stories on this blog, on my Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/GreenCatArt ) and on my website (www.GreenCatArt.com).

You can help too by spreading the word on google+, facebook, twitter and other social platforms when you see it.  

If you have any questions you can contact me @ rudy(at)GreenCatArt.com by email or leave a comment at the end of this post.  

This is going to be so very cool. 


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