Don’t We All Love Hugging!

Let's face it: We all need a good hug now and then. And, no wonder animals enjoy hugging just like we do!

I guess it’s something about the feeling that goes with it that makes our day happier and makes us feel fuzzy inside.

For the record many studies show that hugging is healthy and that all we need to be “happy”are 8 hugs per day.

Also people who hug each other and hold hands with a significant other are more relaxed and feel better.

So, people spread the love of hugging!

As hugs are:

An important expression of affection. And just by hugging someone you remind them how important they are to you and how much you care and support them.

You know, hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug and is all natural!

Also did you know that hugging:

- helps the body’s immune system - cures depression
- reduces stress
- induces sleep
- revitalize
And I guess the same goes for animals, too!


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