Sunday, October 11, 2015


Begin of April 2015 this Blog doesn't show any of my pictures published and only some videos. The problem has reported several times but Google is either unwilling or unable to help. I'm now going to check for alternatives and have set this Blog on a temporary hold.

Thank you for your understanding.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

MEOOOOVIES - Cat Clips to Entertain

KOOL MEOOOOVIES has launched!

A new Facebook group @ KOOL MEOOOOVIES
It's a small experiment. In my opinion, cat videos are meant to be seen. KOOL MEOOOOVIES ensures that your movies will be seen. You are cordially invited to join the group. Being part of the community is free ... MOL!

The long term goal is still on the drawing board and your help to formulate the goal and determine the direction would be highly appreciated. Hope to see you ...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ayla Rose-Marie's Journeys of Fun

Hello I'm Ayla!



I'm a small kitten in this big world! 

I go on fun journeys with my mom & dad! Like my page so you can ride along and see me grow too! Meow!

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Picked for you: Colorful, Fun Toys for Cats


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Today we introduce some crochet toys for cats .... available in several shapes and designs. All are entirely handmade.
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Photo Source: Liberating Livvy on Facebook

So glad that Livvy and her brother got some measure of justice ... and a life that includes love and happiness!

This article was first posted on Facebook by Liberating Livvy. Please visit the page for news and updates.



The image of human teeth marks on both sides of a battered woman’s bruised and swollen nose and the sound of long, low piercing moans of pain emanating from a pet carrier are just as clear today as they were on May 18th, 2011. You never forget the victims or the people that brutalize them. Instead, you tuck them away in a remote compartment of your brain to save your sanity and protect your emotional well-being. Today, that compartment has been unlocked and I stand here before the court reliving the nightmare that victimized the woman, 2 cats, my staff and my -entire family. On that Wednesday afternoon almost 4 years ago, nothing could have prepared me for what I would hear, see or feel.

“The white one may be hurt, Randy punched her in the head 3 times,” DeJarnette’s girlfriend said. When I peeked inside the carrier, I saw 2 small cats huddled together and cowering in the back. At barely six pounds, the female was thin. There was bruising over her right orbital bone and a large, soft tissue swelling was present over the frontal bone of her skull. The sclera, the white region of the eyeball, had a visible hemorrhage just below a swollen upper eyelid. Between grinding her teeth and vocalizing in pain, she panted. Her tiny body trembled beneath my hands and when I reached a large swelling over her right hip, she let out a loud, agonizing cry. Startled, I jerked my hands away. As I stood and stared at her quivering battered body, I wondered how it felt looking into her eyes and punching her in the face.

When we set her on the floor, she immediately collapsed, turned her head to look over her shoulder, and in an attempt to flee, dragged her crippled hindquarters across the floor using only her front legs. No one talked, no one moved—we all looked on in disbelief.

The X-ray showed that both of her rear legs had complete fractures at the femoral neck—neither leg was attached to the pelvis. Instead, they dangled from her body like the limbs of a limp marionette. Tiny bone fragments had shattered off the left femur, and the right femur was displaced about an inch away from the joint in a forward and upward direction. In my head, I could hear her bones snap—first one, then the other. When I looked at her thorax, I saw multiple fractured ribs—7 total—that were at different stages of healing indicating that she had been tortured more than once. Two independent board-certified veterinary radiologists verified my findings with an additional discovery of bone remodeling on spinous processes of T5 and T6, thoracic vertebra near her shoulders—most likely healed fractures from yet another incident. Yes, the white one was hurt. For months, this tiny, living, breathing being had endured the repetitive torture and excruciating pain that I could only appreciate on the films: for months, one body part would heal only to have another broken.

For six weeks we performed a series of 5 grueling rehabilitation exercises 3-5 times daily with 15 repetitions of each exercise per set. For six weeks we watched her urinate and defecate in a lying position. For 6 weeks we cried. Today, she has to sit to urinate and prop herself up on the back of the litter box to defecate. Today, she walks with a stilted gait and has to rest between every 6 or 8 steps. Today, she lives in chronic pain from being repeatedly tortured, battered and broken, but today, she is safe and loved. Today, she has a name.

The cat your girlfriend referred to as the “orange one” or the “boy cat,” suffered no physical trauma but emotionally, was in shock. For two weeks he had to be force-fed. For 4 weeks he shrank away from any human contact and his body jerked and twitched and he cowered whenever he was approached. For 6 weeks, he spent his days hiding inside the boxsprings of a bed in my home—at night, he came out to eat. Today, he craves human contact. Today, he shares food from our plates. Today, he is safe and loved. Today, he has a name.

The crimes committed by Randy DeJarnette were recurrent and intentional. We will never forget the fear we saw in the eyes of both cats on May 18th, 2011. We will never forget the horror we felt watching Liv drag her badly battered, bruised and broken body across the floor in an attempt to flee. We will never forget the incident that impacted their lives and ours.

To this day, I am amazed by Liv’s will to survive and inspired by her capacity to forgive…there in lies the beauty of an animal’s ability to love unconditionally. We could all learn from the lessons they teach us.
Tina Roggenbeck, DVM

Photo source: Liberating Livvy on Facebook

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cute Cat Public Service Announcement | NEW 2015

A group of University of Houston students and I (Ashlyn Alter) are in a YouTube video competition for our Entrepreneurship class. Since we had complete freedom on our video, we decided to do something that would support four non-profit organizations that we just love!

So we made a short-and-sweet video about cat adoptions.

Now we need help from fellow cat lovers sharing our video across social media!

We hope you enjoy it!